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Tate Unveils Youth-Focused Social Media Campus: Just $49.99!

Tate Unveils Youth-Focused Social Media Campus: Just $49.99!

Social Media Campus – Andrew Tate, the person who is often surrounded by controversies has some positive sides too and it shouldn’t be wrong to say that many of his haters may not be aware of that. he often grabs headlines with controversial topics and provides people with something spicy to talk about. These topics ignite debates on social media platforms like X.

People know him for his arrogant behaviour but it is also true that he has won hearts of many people with his works. As I said he has some positive side and one of these positive aspects is his university, where countless individuals continue to learn.

Yes, you heard it right, there is a university named “The Real World” under Tate’s name. This university initially came under the name of Hustler University 2.0, then 3.0, and was later shut down after Tate was banned from social media. After that, it has been relaunched as “The Real World” once again. Here, you can get access to all sorts of courses at affordable rates. Selling courses at lower prices can be seen as a challenge to the traditional education system, according to Tate. He believes that expensive courses deter many people from gaining knowledge, and that’s why he has established his own university where everyone can access courses at very reasonable prices.


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BIG Announcement by Andrew Tate

He appeared this time as a messiah for the youth. Recently, he made a significant announcement for the youth in his live stream, which you should definitely know about. In episode 24 of their ‘Emergency Meeting,’ they announced that they are going to launch a new social media campus for the youth, which will assist them in growing their business using social media. This show, hosted by Andrew Tate & his brother (Tristan Tate), is streamed on a platform called Rumble.

It’s worth noting that he has been banned from various social media platforms, including YouTube. So, he uses Rumble, which can be considered an alternative to YouTube, to convey his message to the audience. His channel on Rumble is named ‘Tatespeach by Andrew Tate’, which now has 1.68 million followers and on that channel, he conducts live streams and uploads his videos. He is currently running a series on his channel called ‘EMERGENCY MEETING,’ and the 24th episode of this series was released on November 1.


A little Bit About Live Stream

In this live stream, Tate not only praised himself but also talked about other streamers who are driven by money. Tate’s opinion is that some streamers are willing to do anything for money, and they are solely driven by greed. Also, Tate has targeted those individuals who have sold their souls to the devil. In the stream, Tate mentioned that the large account holders of X have sold their souls to the devil and are afraid to speak the truth, focusing solely on making themselves wealthy. Alongside this, Tate also praised Elon Musk and X, stating that Elon Musk has kept humanity alive. Tate mentioned that truthful narratives are gaining massive momentum on alternative news platforms like X and Rumble. The stream lasted for 2 hours and 54 minutes, during which Tate himself was only visible on the screen for 54 minutes.


NEW Social-Media Campus

The main purpose of this stream was to inform his audience that he has launched a new social media campus. If you are already a member of the Real World, you will have free access to this campus. However, if you are new, you will need to pay $49.99 to join The Real world


The Real World

The Real World

To join The Real World, you only need to pay $49.99, and then you will have access to various courses such as E-commerce, Copywriting, Stocks, Freelancing, Crypto Investing, Business & Finance, UGC, Content Creation, Artificial Intelligence, and more. Over 200,000 people have already joined The Real World, and more are continuing to join. Many people have created their own sources of income after learning here, earning a substantial income. So, if you also want to join The Real World, click on the link provided below.


Join Now


On one hand, where both brothers are known for their controversial tweets, on the other hand, they also share tips for youth to achieve success and that’s why many people like him for this. In addition to the university. during the stream, they also received some super chats, which they responded to in real time and not just that, people filled the comments section with praises for his actions. His stream has now garnered a total of 8.39k likes, 708k views, and 2.38k comments. Tate also stated that all the money received through super chat during this livestream will go directly to the Tate Pledge. We have provided the link to the stream below, and you can watch the entire stream by clicking on the link.




What is Tate Pledge?

Alongside university, the Tate Brothers also run an NGO called “Tate Pledge” through which they provide assistance to various countries, particularly in the Islamic world. This article provides a brief overview of the NGO, and we will be writing a separate article dedicated to Tate Pledge, where we will provide detailed information about their involvement with the NGO.

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