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Controversy: Andrew Tate Calls Ice Spice Devil Worshipper

Controversy – Once again, Andrew Tate, a well-known social media personality notorious for often making controversial comments about women, has stirred up controversy and this time targeting the famous American rapper Ice Spice.

Controversy: Andrew Tate Calls Ice Spice a Devil Worshipper

He referred to Ice Spice as a devil worshipper because she was seen making a hand gesture during the event, which is known as a devil symbol. He mentioned this during a recent podcast, Fresh and Fit hosted by Myron Gaines and Walter Weeks.

This podcast was conducted from Tate’s Bucharest residence because due to ongoing charges against Tate, the Romanian government has imposed a ban on Andrew Tate and his younger brother Tristan Tate from leaving Romania. This is why they had to conduct this podcast from their own home.

Tate operates his entire business from his home in Romania and all the live streams and other activities are done by Tate himself from his Bucharest residence. During the podcast, he mentioned Ice Spice, who was seen at the Super Bowl LVIII event on February 11, 2024, making the devil symbol.

This year Super Bowl LVIII event, which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 11, 2024, Ice Spice was also seen. She was sitting beside her bestie and one of the most famous singers, Taylor Swift. She was wearing an upside-down cross symbol around her neck, which is considered to be worn by devil worshippers.

During the same event, Ice Spice was also seen making a gesture with her hands, which is considered a devil sign. Andrew Tate referred to a photo during the podcast, calling Ice Spice a devil worshipper and saying that the Matrix has made her famous.

What TopG Said?

He said “She is wearing an upside-down cross. The matrix has made her famous, nobody knows why, it’s certainly not because of fu**ing talent. And she is wearing Balenciaga, which we know are child molesters. And she is making devil symbols! What more, what kind of clue are you looking for if those aren’t the clues you need?”

Alongside Andrew Tate, many others believe that Ice Spice is a devil worshipper because she was seen wearing Balenciaga during the event, which is considered to be associated with child molestation, and the brand faced criticism after a controversial advertisement went viral featuring a child holding a bondage teddy bear.

Following Balenciaga’s controversial ad, the brand received significant criticism, with many launching campaigns against it and calling for a ban on the brand.

What is Matrix?

As always, Andrew Tate has remained embroiled in controversies, with his remarks about women often cited as the primary reason for his controversies.

Once again, he has done something similar. Tate has claimed that Ice Spice was made famous by the Matrix, and if you’ve been following Andrew Tate for some time, you’ve probably heard him use the word “Matrix” many times before.

Because he believes that the Matrix has attacked him. But do you know what this Matrix is, why it attacks people, and how to escape it? If not, click here to find out.

Andrew Tate’s comment has drawn the attention of many people, and several users have expressed their varied opinions on it. this time, as always, people on X (formerly Twitter) divided into two camps: one in support of Tate and the other against him.

One user stated, “Forget the conspiracy theories. She should be canceled for the minor in her music videos.” While another user remarked, “I mean it’s very obvious what she’s doing…”

Andrew Tate often sparks debates with his provocative statements, which tend to polarize people into two camps. His remarks often lead to heated discussions, with even prominent figures jumping into the fray.

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