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Breaking News: Andrew Tate was Stopped by Traffic Police in ILFOV

Breaking News – Andrew Tate, also known as TopG, a renowned controversial figure with unique views on women was stopped by the traffic police in Bucharest, Romania while out driving in his Bugatti.

Former kickboxer Andrew Tate, often embroiled in controversies is currently residing in Romania with his younger brother Tristan. Due to serious charges like human trafficking and rape, both brothers are prohibited from leaving Romania.

Breaking News About Andrew Tate Aka TopG

On Monday, February 26, 2024, Andrew Tate was spotted cruising the streets of Bucharest, ILFOV, in his luxury car Bugatti. As Andrew Tate was passing through ILFOV, traffic police were conducting checks for intoxicated or drugged drivers.

Andrew Tate was also stopped for inspection. With respect, Andrew Tate stepped out of his car for the examination. The police conducted a breathalyzer test on Tate to ensure he wasn’t driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The police conducted a thorough search of Tate’s car and found nothing then they asked him to take a breathalyzer test by placing it under his tongue. Andrew Tate claimed innocence, asserting he abstains from drugs, a fact corroborated by the negative test results.

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After the reports confirmed his sobriety, Tate smiled and resumed his drive in his Bugatti. The traffic police were conducting checks on everyone in the area, whether celebrities like Tate or ordinary citizens.

Before Tate, the police also stopped Romanian singer Tzancă Uraganu, traveling with a female companion in his car. The police advised Tzancă Uraganu, stating, “Keep in mind what I said. Don’t do stupid things behind the wheel.

More than two hundred drivers were fined, and three dozen who were drinking or drugged ended up with criminal charges. In Ilfov, a twenty-two-year-old man got behind the wheel without a license and didn’t stop when the police signaled, but they finally caught him.

Andrew Tate’s Passion for Luxury Cars

Tate has a great passion for cars and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Bugatti is one of his favorite cars as he is often seen cruising in one. Despite the Romanian government seizing 15 of his luxury cars, Tate still has a considerable collection of luxury cars, and he frequently adds new ones to his collection.

In December 2022, the Romanian government arrested Andrew Tate, his younger brother Tristan Tate, and two girls on charges of human trafficking, rape, and money laundering at Tate’s Bucharest residence.

Shortly after the arrests, the Romanian government also illegally seized their $15 million worth of assets, including Tate’s 15 luxury cars, 14 designer watches, cash, and 21 bitcoins. Despite the passage of time, Tate has not yet regained possession of the seized assets.

However, last month, Tate won the case and the court ordered a new trial regarding his seized assets, where Tate can present evidence to reclaim them. The decision for their new trial is expected to be announced this month on February 29, and both brothers hope to finally retrieve their seized assets.

Despite being entangled in so many charges, Tate is often seen freely roaming in Romania, indicating that Romania is a relatively safe place for him.

When Tate was asked if he feels safe in Romania

In a recent interview, when asked if he feels safe in Romania, Tate replied that he indeed feels safe and faces no threat from the society here. Although Tate had expressed discontent with DIICOT and the Romanian government, he had mentioned feeling no trouble from the people of Romania and feeling quite safe among them.

Hence, even after being involved in numerous cases, he is frequently spotted roaming the streets of Romania without any hesitation.

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