Ramadan Wishes

Andrew Tate’s Ramadan Wishes: Fans Join Worldwide

The holy month of Ramadan has begun in all of the world and this sacred month is celebrated with great fervor. As soon as this month began, Andrew Tate also extended his heartfelt greetings to all his fans for Ramadan. Along with that, fans of Tate, who are spread all over the world, also conveyed their Ramadan wishes to him.

Andrew Tate also known as Cobratate, who has recently embraced the Islamic faith, is grappling with charges such as human trafficking, money laundering, and rape. Despite this, he extended his heartfelt Ramadan wishes to all his fans.

On March 10, Tate tweeted from his Twitter handle, wishing everyone around the world a blessed month of Ramadan, writing “Ramadan Mubarak.” This tweet was retweeted by many prominent figures who also extended their greetings to Tate.

Not only that but motivational speaker Faris Al Hammadi from the UAE also tweeted to congratulate Andrew Tate and his younger brother Tristan Tate on the occasion of this month, to which Tate also replied. Faris Al Hammadi also mentioned that all of this will soon come to an end, referring to the predicament in which both brothers are currently embroiled.

Andrew Tate’s Ramadan Wishes

“Ramadan Mubarak  @Cobratate @TateTheTalisman I ask Allah to make it a blessed Month for you, and to guide you to all that is good in this life and the hereafter. Another Ramadan and the fight is still not over. En shaa Allah soon it will be all over.” – Faris Al Hammadi

Both brothers also replied to Faris’s tweet

“I am excited.  My second Ramadan. It was my best month in jail, I felt peace and strength. I will spend this month giving thanks to God for all. Thank you for the lessons brother I learn from you each day.” – Andrew Tate

Thank You My Friend 🙏” Tristan Tate

When Tate Accepted The Islam

Andrew Tate embraced Islam in December 2022, and this news spread like wildfire across the internet. As we all know, Andrew Tate is a well-known kickboxer who has been a four-time world boxing champion. Despite this, Tate is also a highly influential figure, and therefore, the news of his conversion to Islam quickly circulated everywhere. After embracing Islam, Tate developed strong connections with prominent figures in the Middle East.

Tate himself announced his conversion to Islam through his Twitter handle, where he also mentioned a verse from the Quran, which is the holy book of Islam.

“This is why I’m Muslim. Any Christian who believes in good and understands the true battle against evil must convert. (So be patient, indeed the promise of Allah is TRUTH)

Quran 30:60,”

 Why Andrew Tate Was in Jail?

Just a few days after accepting Islam in December 2022, the Romanian government charged Andrew Tate and his younger brother Tristan Tate with allegations of human trafficking and rape, leading to their arrest from their Bucharest residence.

Subsequently, both brothers had to spend considerable time in jail, and shortly after, the month of Ramadan was approaching, leading Andrew Tate to spend his first Ramadan in jail after embracing Islam.

However, they were eventually released after some time but placed under house arrest for a period. The charges against them have not been cleared yet, hence, even after being released from house arrest, the Romanian government imposed a travel ban on them, preventing them from leaving Romania.

Andrew Tate has made several appeals in court to lift the travel ban, but each time, the court sternly rejected the appeals. Notably, the court didn’t even grant the Tate brothers permission to travel when their mother, who resides in the UK, suffered a heart attack. This underscores the strictness of the Romanian government regarding its laws. However, no evidence has been presented in court thus far that could prove the guilt of both brothers.



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