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Andrew Tate Tweets About Recent Bridge Collapse Incident in USA

Andrew Tate Tweets – Recently, the entire nation has been in shock due to a bridge collapse in the USA, resulting in loss of lives. A video rapidly circulating on the internet depicts the collapse of The Francis Scott Key Bridge in the prominent city of Baltimore, Maryland, as a large cargo ship attempted to pass underneath it.

Various reactions have emerged following this incident. Additionally, the well-known social media influencer, often labeled as a misogynist, Andrew Tate also expressed his grief by sharing a video on x (formerly Twitter).

Andrew Tate, also known as Cobratate, never hesitates to express his views on trending topics through his tweets. Regardless of the topic, Tate always shares his thoughts via tweets. Sometimes, his tweets spark intense debates on the internet, drawing everyone into a heated discussion.

Andrew Tate’s Tweet on USA Bridge Collapse

This video is a CCTV footage showing a large cargo fully loaded ship attempting to pass under The Francis Scott Key Bridge at night.

There was considerable traffic on the bridge at night, with vehicles passing over it. As the cargo ship approached the bridge, it got stuck under it due to limited space, causing the entire bridge to collapse rapidly.

All the vehicles on the bridge fell into the water. It is reported that more than 20 people fell into the water in this incident and efforts are underway to find them, but all are still missing.

It is said that there were 22 crew members aboard the ship, all of whom were Indian nationals and none of them were injured in the incident. This is a really tragic incident that has saddened everyone and during this time, Andrew Tate also expressed his sorrow through a tweet.


“This ship was cyber-attacked. Lights go off and it deliberately steers towards the bridge supports. Foreign agents of the USA attack digital infrastructures. Nothing is safe. Black Swan event imminent.” – Andrew Tate.


Tate claims that the ship experienced a cyber attack because all lights were off and it was heading towards the bridge deliberately. Whether Tate’s claim is true or not will be known only after the investigation. An investigation is underway regarding this incident, and we hope that whoever is missing will be found soon and the reason behind the incident will also be revealed to the public as soon as possible.

Andrew Tate File Another Appeal to Return Seized Assets

Andrew Tate has always been known for his fearless outspokenness. He says whatever he wants without hesitation, which is perhaps why he has often found himself embroiled in major controversies. Currently, Andrew Tate is fighting against allegations of human trafficking, money laundering, and rape in Romania.

There is no doubt that Andrew Tate is a fearless individual and he has no qualms about expressing his views to the world. Despite facing such serious charges in Romania, he continuously stands against the government as a challenge.

Even if the court’s decision goes against him, he still does not accept defeat. Recently, the court rejected his appeal, which he had filed to reclaim his seized assets, seized a few months after his arrest in December 2022.

The court dismissed this appeal in a hearing held on March 22 and shortly after, Tate once again filed an appeal in court, indicating that he is not someone who will easily back down.

Tate claims that he is being framed in all these cases and he attributes the reason for these cases to his outspoken nature.

He says, “I am a fearless individual who speaks the truth and tries to awaken people from the ‘matrix‘, and that is why I am being trapped in various cases to silence my voice. But I am not one to give up easily; I have done nothing wrong and I believe that God is with me and ultimately, truth will prevail.

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