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Andrew Tate Reveals Why He is Laying Off Some of His Workers

Former kickboxer and four-time world boxing champion, Andrew Tate, currently one of the most famous social media influencers operating several businesses, released a video and reveals that he will let go of many people from his team of 110 employees, citing reasons behind this decision. It’s crucial to understand why Andrew Tate is taking such action.

Andrew Tate, often known for his bold statements and controversial remarks, is also a prominent businessman, with no doubt about it. Alongside being a widely recognized figure, Andrew Tate is also a good-hearted individual who frequently tips the youth on achieving success.

Tate believes that by following him, one can significantly improve their future. Recently, on Twitter, through the account named “The Real World,” has released a video where he reveals his decision to lay off some of his 110 workers.

Additionally, through this video, he also delivers a message to those individuals who are making their lives monotonous by sticking to their 9 to 5 jobs. Let’s see what message Tate has conveyed to both his workers and the public in this video.

Andrew Tate Reveals The Reason Behind Laying Off

The Reason in the video Andrew Tate Reveals is AI and tate said that “Ten years ago, the absence of iPhones was a reality. It’s incredible how much has changed since then. As I approach 37, I reflect on the evolution of technology. iPhones have revolutionized our capabilities. Consider the power of AI today and envision its potential in the next decade.

Many lack creativity, making them replaceable by AI. I’ve tested this with my sales team; AI outperforms them by a small margin, yet it’s cost-effective. In a world dominated by AI, uniqueness is essential for survival.

Those without it risk becoming irrelevant. The elite will thrive, while others struggle for rights and resources. Governments may resort to drastic measures like depopulation and mandatory vaccines. Adaptation is key; become proficient in diverse skills and collaborate with AI.

It’s a shift towards a society of haves and have-nots, where AI serves the wealthy. Climate change policies will further divide society, favoring the affluent.

If you don’t act, your descendants will lament your inaction. Remember, even peons could ascend to greatness. Learn from my journey and seize opportunities before it’s too late. Embrace change and strive for uniqueness. I’ll guide you towards mastering both traditional skills and AI integration.”

What Tate Thinks About AI?

Tate believes that to survive in the future, we need to be unique and creative. Simply sitting at home, scrolling through social media, won’t help us survive the upcoming times.

Because the future is going to be very advanced and as you all know, AI is going to revolutionize many jobs. In today’s time, there are many tasks that people are doing with the help of AI instead of relying on others.

And if this continues, AI will make many people jobless in the future. So why not learn AI itself, as it is a better option? Instead of letting it replace people’s jobs in the future, it’s better to master it and do something unique with our own creativity.

To learn AI, Andrew Tate offers an excellent course where you will be taught AI in great detail through step-by-step guidance. Thousands of people are learning AI from Tate’s Course. So if you also want to learn AI, all you have to do is join Andrew Tate’s university and then you too can master AI from the comfort of your home.

In this video, Tate aims to introduce his university named “The Real World,” which has attracted over 300k enrollees to date. Many of them are earning thousands of dollars from the comfort of their homes.

Tate believes that those stuck in 9 to 5 jobs, struggling to earn what they deserve, should consider joining this university. Numerous students have abandoned their traditional jobs and are now earning lucrative incomes from home through this program.

What is The Real World?

The Real World” is an online university where you can learn skills from anywhere in the world. Tate’s university offers 10+ courses designed by experienced mentors, all meticulously structured for easy learning at any skill level.

These courses include AI (Artificial Intelligence), which Tate discusses in his video. You can join this university for a nominal fee, even from your monthly pocket money.

Unlike traditional universities where students often spend millions but fail to acquire practical skills, “The Real World” offers the opportunity to learn today’s most sought-after skills at a fraction of the cost. It’s an online platform with courses designed step by step, allowing you to learn even if you’re working or have other commitments, dedicating just 2 to 3 hours daily.

You might wonder if such a low-cost university is legitimate or worth joining. Let me assure you that this university is entirely legitimate and Tate’s sole aim behind its establishment is to make education accessible to those who cannot afford expensive courses but have a keen interest in learning valuable skills.

If you also want to improve your future and learn famous courses like AI, then click on the link below to join this university from home.


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