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Two More Victims Withdraw Their Names in Andrew Tate Case

After the hearing on March 15th, it seems that Andrew Tate is somehow starting to gain ground in this battle. Because in this hearing, two more women have refused to label themselves as victims and asked the court not to label them as victims, and they want their names removed from Tate’s case file, after which it seems that Andrew Tate is winning this battle.

Two Women Withdraw Their Names as Victims from Andrew Tate Case

Andrew Tate, who has been entangled in charges like human trafficking and sexual assault for over a year, may now feel that his time for release from court is approaching.

In December 2022, the most famous social media influencer Andrew Tate, along with his younger brother Tristan Tate, faced accusations from seven women. It was alleged that all these women were either Andrew’s or Tristan’s girlfriends or exes and these brothers had coerced them into pornography by enticing them with love.

However, the Tate brothers vehemently deny these allegations, stating that they did not entice these women in any way and DIICOT is simply trying to trap them by using all these women against them.

I would like to inform you that due to these cases, the Tate brothers had to spend a few months in jail and since their arrest, all seven women have been labeled as victims and both brothers were accused of forcing them into pornography and physical abuse.

These allegations against Tate have been going on for almost 15 months and so far, there was no sign of relief for the Tate brothers. But on March 15th, something happened that made people think that the Tate brothers were right and they would soon be able to enjoy their freedom and lead a free life, leaving Romania behind and going anywhere.

You might be wondering why I mentioned “leaving Romania behind,” so let me tell you that currently, the Tate brothers are under travel ban due to the charges against them and they cannot leave Romania. Perhaps it was because of the travel ban that they were released last week even after the UK authorities issued arrest warrants against them.

Hearing of Andrew Tate Case on 15th March

Actually, on March 15th, there was a hearing for the Tate brothers where two out of seven women were present and they have denied being victims and want to remove the victim label from themselves.

I would like to mention that one woman had already withdrawn her name from the victim list earlier and now these two women also want DIICOT to remove their names from the victim list, indicating that the allegations against the Tate brothers could be false because out of seven, three women have already withdrawn their names from the victim list.

Now, the remaining four women will appear in the upcoming hearing and if all of them withdraw their names, the sexual assault charges against the Tate brothers will be dropped. Currently, both women are requesting that their names be removed from Tate’s charges to set them free.

Next Hearing on 22nd March

Currently, on March 22nd, the Tate brothers will have to appear in court again where they will determine how much of their assets the Romanian government will return. Actually, after the arrest in 2022, the Romanian government seized some of Andrew Tate’s assets, including 15 luxury cars, 14 designer watches, cash, and 21 bitcoins, with an approximate total value of $15 million.

After the assets were seized, Tate appealed to the court several times, but his appeal was rejected. However, in January, a judge accepted the appeal, ordering a new trial for Tate’s seized assets, raising hopes of their return.

The court has postponed the decision on this matter once or twice and now the hearing is scheduled for March 22nd, where it is hoped that Tate will get his assets back.

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